Samantha (atropab) wrote,

Photography practice, project Ulfsunda slott

Day 2 - lots of new snow this day

Day 3 - A wall of Ulfsunda slott
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Wow! These are so beautiful!!!
I LOVE shadows and specially the shadows of trees. And this one is a superb photo!!!
I will try to upload mine tonight when I find time to turn on the pc. (I'm writing this from the laptop)
Please don’t stop doing this because I pooped our party already. I promise I’ll set myself straight ;)
And this one from the bridge is like a bloody fairytale! So clear, so nice light! Even though the weather was NOT photography friendly at all yesterday. Mine is SO grey! It cannot get any greyer …
Don't worry, I can be very persistent when I have decided to do something so I'm not going to give up

Todays photo will have to be a night picture because I cheated and took the bus to work this morning. I did this so I could arrive the office 30 min early which means I can leave early and be at Stockholm Södra at around four this afternoon :D I'll call you when I get on the local train (pendeltåget).
Been looking for this article for long time ago and finally found here. thanks for sharing this post. appreciate!
Thank you! Fabulous resource – now I don’t have to keep searching :)