Samantha (atropab) wrote,

I have loads of things I really should be doing today but really don't feel like doing so I've been messing about on the internet and stuff instead. I could definitely use some more self-discipline today.

I managed to transfer some photos that I took on a mini ghost walk/pub round that I went on with Fad and Dave from Slimelight hosted by the alway so friendly and helpful jonnytuna. I really need to practice my night photography, most of the pictures were not great.

Dave, Jon, Fad and me

There was ALWAYS someone moving in my non-flash shots. In this one it's Fad

Outside St Paul's. I said act natural guys! Sigh.

Also outside St Paul's. I obviously lack any respect for my bosses ;-)

Fad took this one, his instructions were: look serious and not into the camera.

OK, I really need to get back to work now.
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Great pics! :)
It's too bad you couldn't join us but I understand why you'd rather do other things since you've probably done the same walk a million times by now.


12 years ago


12 years ago

I am impressed. Then, I am easily impressed, as I suck at photography*

*but only photography and nothing else. honest.
I'm a dreadful photographer but I like having photos to remember what I've been up to so I persist none the less.

After having discovered how great digital photos come out if you have them printed at photo shops I have renewed inspiration to use my digital camera.
heh- you were very brave getting into that iron thing by St Pauls
i hear you on the self discipline part... i mean look at me... posting in LJ while i had set out to be working all day!
Nice pics! I love photos at night!
You look happy and relaxed. Really. That makes me happy. :)
hehe look seriously and not in the cam :) nice pics...
haha, v. nice shots!
HA! Small world!
skicka mig ditt mobilnummer på helgon eller ngt, så jag kan vara säker på att jag har rätt nummer! hörs snart! ska bli skitnajs å vara tillbaka i storstaden, minst sagt. :)
Hiya Sam, it's Libby that used to work at Slimes, just realised you had an LJ via Nadia_Lev. Do you mind if I add you to my friend's list as I'd quite like to keep up with you now I've moved half way across the country and never see anyone in Loondon anymore!
Hello Libby! Sorry for the late reply, LJ doesn't seemt o be e-mailing me my comments sometimes so I only just saw this.

Where have you moved to? How exciting!
I've moved to Weston-Super-Mare which is really near Taunton where Dave is from!

I'm training to be a lawyer now which is such hard work and is probably going to take another 7 years!

I'm not missing the Slimelight hours, but I'm missing some of the people. I'm only down at weekends to see Glen so we don't really go out as it's the only time I see him but we may come to Slimelight some time soon.

How are the new licensing rules going?