Samantha (atropab) wrote,

I have loads of things I really should be doing today but really don't feel like doing so I've been messing about on the internet and stuff instead. I could definitely use some more self-discipline today.

I managed to transfer some photos that I took on a mini ghost walk/pub round that I went on with Fad and Dave from Slimelight hosted by the alway so friendly and helpful jonnytuna. I really need to practice my night photography, most of the pictures were not great.

Dave, Jon, Fad and me

There was ALWAYS someone moving in my non-flash shots. In this one it's Fad

Outside St Paul's. I said act natural guys! Sigh.

Also outside St Paul's. I obviously lack any respect for my bosses ;-)

Fad took this one, his instructions were: look serious and not into the camera.

OK, I really need to get back to work now.
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