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Bath in January 2006

Because I'll be leaving the UK soon I decided to finally get round to doing a few of those things that I've wanted to do since I got here like going to an opera at the Royal Opera house and visiting Bath.

I took a day trip to Bath a couple of weeks ago and brought my digital camera but sadly had run out of batteries when I was in the actual Roman bathhouses so I have no pictures from there. It was a lovely day out and I was glad to be out of the house when the builders were in my room. I went to see the Roman bathhouses, a free walking tour and the Costume museum. If anyone of you is thinking of visiting Bath I thoroughly recommend the free 2 hour walking tour.

The Cathedral

A view of the city

The path that the rich people would take when walking down tot he city centre

It was a very cold winter day

One of the famous circular houses...

...and another one

Another self-portrait taken in the mirror at the Costume Museum
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