Samantha (atropab) wrote,

Yesterdays find

While unpacking the last of the boxes that came out of storage due to my recent move I found one of these

more info here Though I'm pretty sure mine is called "Luxor Video Entertainment System" and not "Channel F"

To my surprise it actually still works though I can't be sure as I don't seem to tune my TV to the correct channel to be able to test it properly, all I get is a distorted picture and buzzing noise. My first thought was to throw it out but it seems like such a shame. Does anyone know if there is a market for old 80's video games?

I've also found a couple of "Game & watch" from 1985 and 1987 that still work.

EDIT: Jeez, it seems this machine is actually from the 70's, not 80's as I originally though. Practically an antique
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