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Photopost part 1 of 3

Here are the photos I took last weekend at the my family's cottages in the country.

As the cottages are on a peninsula you need to cross this footbridge to get to them:

Here are the 3 little cottages as seen from the forest:

And this is the view from the lake

As you can see we could hardly be any closer to the lake which is the largest lake in Sweden, Vänern

One of the outhouses

The only other building on our peninsula is an abandoned lighthouse:

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woooow, is it beautiful there!
and btw. your fotos, too! new cam? ;)
It's not actually my camera at all :) it's my brother's old digital camera, he bought a new one in the states recently so he left this one with me for a while.

I'm consciously trying to take more photos as I've hardly touched a camera in over a year.
i can only encourage you to do so!
i'd love to do some travelling myself.
but ikea-screws have taken over here, in my efforts of getting the new flat in shape.
man am i sweating all the time.
but i think after having finished perhaps there will still be a bit of summer left for me for some rides to the baltic sea. at least i hope so.
in the meantime, keep on posting. please. ;)
That looks like a peaceful place to be.
Hope to be able to see it for myself before too long.
(This works fine on my bb by the way)