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4 June 1972
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I don't think I'm too interesting or important but after having my journal copied by some very strange person during the summer of 2002 I've still decided to make my journal (mostly) friends only.

This journal is probably only worth following for people I've meet in real life and people with similar obsessions with hair extensions. Of course this journal doesn't reflect all of me and my life. Especailly the public posts are mostly about silly and shallow stuff that I don't mind if everyone knows.

Some quick information about me: my mother is Swedish, father is English (currently living in Thailand and the Philipines), I was conceived in paradise (Mauritius), born in Zambia, lived most of my life in Sweden and after a year in Germany moved to England where I plan to stay a while.

For any one of my friends who has Skype

Call me!

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or vertaling Duits Nederlands

me and Seven
This is me and one of my two Bearded dragons

A couple of my favourite photos:

On an Ice sculpture in the Ice hotel

In Iceland, in front of a waterfall